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Hey there! I have lots of tubers but not really time this year to do my usual sales  (day job getting in the way of the usual fun). So I am selling bulk orders of unlabeled tubers for $1.00 each plus shipping. They are all wonderfully healthy, beautiful tubers and will look fantastic in any bouquet.. So if you are interested in a great deal, just let me know how many and we can go from there.  Cheers!! Stella

1/30/24 UPDATE:   Huge response for this!  I am going to fill the requests as I got them - I still have a pallet to sort, so not sure how many will come out of that - go ahead and contact me with how many you want and I will get you on the list.  Orders will be filled in the sequence they came in!  At this point though, can't guarantee that I will have stock! Thanks!!

2/15 Sold out for now - If you have placed an order - I am filling them in the order I received them.  If I can't fill your order, I will let you know as soon as possible 

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