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Doing things a little different this year. . . Instead of estimating how many of a particular variety will sprout, I am waiting till I see the little green fist popping out at me.  What that means to you is that even though a variety says "not in stock" it likely means that it just hasn't popped yet.  All the varieties that are entered on the tuber page have tubers waiting to eye up, so if you don't see it today, check back - in a week or 2 - I am going to have any updates posted on Monday mornings- If I decide something is really not getting with the program , I will note that in the product description.  If you place multiple orders, I will combine shipping whenever possible and refund any over payment.


We have done absolutely everything possible to make sure you get the tuber you are looking at and it is true to name!  That said, stuff happens. If you feel you didn't get the tuber intended, send me an email and we will investigate!! We will gladly refund your purchase or give you credit for next year, no problem.  Keep in mind, the soil it grows in and the amount of sun, nutrients and water it receives  makes a difference in color. 

When will I get my dahlia tubers?

I will start shipping beginning of April depending on the weather.  


If you are local to us, you can elect to have me start your tubers for you and you can pick them up in May, ready to plant as 8 - 12 inch tall plants who got a leg up on the rest, blooming a bit earlier.  


If your tuber goes out of stock, we will refund your payment. 

Happy Dahlia Hunting!
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