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Where to grow??

There certainly was a lot of Honeysuckle and all kinds of thorny bushes and poison Ivy - the poison ivy was like something out of a jungle. Some of the vines were a good 3 inches in diameter, crawling all the way up 60 ft trees. Of course, having never seen poison ivy in any form other than leaves of 3 - we learned the hard way what these vines we were pulling on actually were. Also figured out that Dawn dish soap and a lot of scrubbing made it much better! So we cleared the front line of the house and tilled a couple of front beds. Here's what we ended up with.

Landscape fabric and my yellow brick road was next. And then it was time to plant.

Meanwhile, the front line turned into Tulippaluza - after making a good effort at clearing the dead trees and poison ivy out of the way. I had brought with me 1500 tulips in 12 inch pots that made for a nice sight on the front line.


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