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Interesting things to do with Storage containers. .

Storage containers are amazing things. I have a 20 ft container that is basically stuffed to the gills with boxes. All kinds of boxes. No idea what is in them. The thing that gets said more than anything about that unit is " Huh, maybe it's in the 20 footer." Rarely does action take place based on that comment other than a quick peek into it and an equally fast retreat. But! I have a 40 footer that is amazing!

First it got here and had to be moved with a crane into it's spot - Great fun with something called a rotating crane. That 40 ft storage container weighing about 9600 lbs empty, was lifted over my hoop house within inches of the top. What fun to watch ( we are easily entertained here. . .)

A people door . . .

And then. . .there was a CoolBot cooler created. . . (why not??)

And shelves. . .


It was just in time to hold all the dahlias. . .


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