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Dirty Girls is now a Bee Friendly Farm :)

I recently fell down a rabbit hole (figuratively) on an internet search for something else, landed on and decided to became a Bee Friendly Farm. Which means I have lots of plants bees are fond of like dahlias (700 this year) Peony (180), roses (50 ish), Lavender (300) , iris, lilies, tulips, and of course dandelions! I also don't use chemical pesticides, just soap & beneficial insects. Heck, i don't even use Miracle grow anymore - Chicken poop, alfalfa, seaweed, compost tea & bone meal instead. I use integrated pest management and provide a habitat for the little devils to hang out - I'll share the pond we are putting in this summer with them.

Hey gotta give those pollinators a hand!

Where would we bee without them??? Okay okay - Getting to work. . . :)

and don't forget "Wannabee" below - one of my all time favorites - all the best colors from the crayon box. . .


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